Tea of Biological quality of the valley of Rongbong.
 This tea of a very beautiful amber color, will enchant you with these floral notes, dried litchi and a light bitterness.

 Darjeeling: nicknamed the champagne of the tea, Darjeeling comes from trays of the city of Darjeeling, in India, at more than 2 000 meters in height. The big diversity of teas Darjeeling allows by tasting(savouring) them to discover a whole pallet of sensations. The picking - "flush" in English - intervenes then until three times in the year. In spring, it is the named(appointed) harvest " first flush ", the most nervous, that takes place between in the middle of April and the end of May. Of June at the end of the summer, intervenes the picking named " second flush ". The tea is then more aromatic and more round. Finally, in autumn, over November and December, a last harvest can intervene.

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